Uptown Laundry - We get the job done, or you do - the choice is yours!

How it works

Uptown Laundry is both a self serve laundry and a serviced laundry which essentially means you can do it yourself or you can leave it for us to do.
If you choose to do it yourself, all you need is your dirty laundry and your money. We have washing powder at the laundry for sale for $1 a scoop. It is available in our vending machine. The vending machine also gives change, so you can purchase a tasty treat, buy some washing powder, or simply put your money into the machine (it takes all coins excluding 5c pieces and also takes $5 and $10 notes), press the return button and you will get your money back in $1 coins. Then you just need to pick a machine, put in your laundry and powder, place the coins in the slots and the machines do the rest.
When you are ready to dry, put your clothes in one of the dryers, put a $1 coin in the slot, turn the dial and hold the start button for 5 seconds until the dryer is spinning. Our other dryers just require the $1 coin in the slot and press start. You can add multiple coins and the timer will add up so you can leave your drying and come back when you are ready.
If you would like us to do your laundry for you simply speak to the attendant. If they are not there, there is a drop off facility. Fill in the form on the counter, place your laundry in one of the bags available, place your note in the bag and put the bag through the chute. The attendant will see the bag on their return and will contact you to let you know when your laundry is done.
The chute is also available for our dry cleaning facility - simply fill in the form, place in the bag and put through the chute.
Its all too easy.
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